About Us

The best logistics company at Kuching Sarawak

Messages of the founder, Mr. FH Lai(Ah Hin)

Majuhin can move everything!


We provide transport solution with over 16 years of service in Sarawak. Currently we specialised in an intercity transport and delivery to all the cities including Sarawak until Sabah as well as basically anywhere else our client request.
We have many units lorry of our own plus extensive network of subcontractor and should able to help in most instances.  One thing that set us apart is we provide a delivery service that fits your schedule.
Our company can handle assignment with efficient and reliable, last minute are not a problem to us, either.


Our services include:


  • Custom Declaration, Documentation, Permit Application.
  • Live Pets Travelling , Pets Moving or Relocation Service and Include Pets Cage Sales, Pets Care Service.
  • Handling on Transport & Packing.
  • House Moving.
  • General Cargo Packing Service.
  • Out skit Cargo Delivery service.
  • Haulage Container Service.
  • Local & International Import and Export(Permit Application) : Pets, Frozen , Live water goods & products via Air Freight & Sea Frieght( Storage, Packing).
  • Packing service as frozen water products and food stuff , Cold Room overnight, storage and packing service.
  • Crane Truck Delivery Service.